Vita Swim Spa Fitness

Vita Swim Spas are becoming increasingly popular because of the health benefits they provide. Fitness swimming has long been known as a great zero-impact exercise and is widely used by people who want to get in shape or tone their body.

Vita Swim Spas use the xStream™ Force Jet Propulsion System. The anti-turbulence technology creates a powerful and smooth variable jet stream and is completely adjustable, allowing you to swim at your own fitness level. In addition, the observation seats and well marked swim lanes provide the optimum swim training center for your entire family.

Your spa can be equipped with an aquatic exercise equipment package that features modern resistance band technology. Attach the resistance bands to the connector rings and you will get a complete program.  With a Vita Swim Spa you will get the tone and strength training you desire!

We Take Your Recreation Seriously!


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Monday  ~ 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
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Located in the South Point shopping Center:

219 South Point Blvd.
McDonough, GA 30253
Ph: 404-800-7975

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