Freestanding Operable Pergola

Build It Once – Won’t Peel, Crack, Rust, or Rot

Crafted from heavy-duty extruded aluminum, a TEMO pergola will stand strong for decades, holding up to whatever nature throws its way. These pergolas have a unique curved lattice roof that offers better protection from the sun than other, similar products. They also come with gorgeous columns, inspired by the rich architectural history of Italy, available in Roma, Florentine, and Venetian designs.

Our pergolas feature our exclusive snap-fit design, which allows for fast and easy installation, free of any unsightly screws.

The innovative operable pergolas feature a roof that can open or close. So, on beautiful days when you want to relax outside and enjoy some sunshine, you can use a slow-motion motor to open the rafters and allow the sunlight to filter through. Then, when your time outside comes to an end or if the sunshine becomes too intense, you can simply close the rafters and the pergola turns into a solid-roof patio cover – just like that.

Best of all, your new pergola from TEMO will come backed by a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty, so you can rest assured your investment is safeguarded.

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